"People who work with me feel more confident, in control of their life, valued and respected, clearly understand their purpose, learn communication and boundary setting skills, understand their strengths and how to apply them, and engage their values for everyday decision making." - Jaime

What People are saying about Coach Jaime

"I started working with Jaime because I have always been wanting to grow, learn and improve upon the foundations that I have been given due to my circumstances and perceptions.  I took the Energy Leadership Index Assessment she offered to me and was shocked at how accurate it was! When I looked at my results and analyzed myself, I realized how on point it was. I am excited to work with Jaime and the results it's bringing me!" - Ryan

"My time with Jaime had me look at how I am engaging with my team, allowed me to refocus, and utilize my strengths.  It made me more aware of how I handle situations allowing me to better respond to my team and showed me things that I need to work on everyday. It was a pleasure working with Jaime.  She made the process very easy and worked around my busy schedule.  I'm very happy I took the time to go through this program. I would recommend this to anyone looking to understand more about themselves professionally and personally."  - Nate 

"Jaime is open, honest, authentic and asks insightful and thought-provoking questions. Sometimes her questions took unexpected turns - which was great!  Our coaching sessions always ended up being very meaningful and we covered lots of ground." - Christine


"Jaime is very trusting and easy to talk to, and I found myself being more vulnerable than ever before.  As a result, I went under the surface of my actions to dig deep to find my truth." -Stacy


"Jaime is responsible, focused, results-driven, purposeful, encouraging, and a positive role model and team player." - Eileen

"My time with Jaime allowed me to bring to light some truths about myself that had been influencing my life but had otherwise laid unexplored. The assessment she used was not some ambiguous horoscope prediction, but an intimate look at the driving forces of how I operate in my day to day life.

With complete nonjudgement and sensitivity, Jaime guided me to arrive at my own conclusions about thinking I had adopted that was either working for me or working against me. Jaime was an incredible listener who not only helped me identify how I was functioning day to day, but also why this was the case.

As someone who strives for continual self-improvement and self-awareness, working with Jaime touched on an aspect of my life I had not yet unearthed. This was well worth the time and energy; I strongly suggest giving it a try." - Joseph