About Jaime

With her contagious optimism, experience and personal approach of love and kindness, Jaime welcomes and accepts you and your family to explore, uncover, discover and create clarity and awareness of the root cause of "why" things are not going well and works together to create “how” to make it better by tapping into your strengths and developing new skills.

Jaime is certified as a Professional Life Coach and Energy Leadership Master Practitioner specializing in executive functioning and communication skills and strategies for all ages. She has special training in behavioral assistance for children and adolescents, The Nurtured Heart Approach TM, Mental Health First Aid, Energy Leadership™, and the Core Energy Coaching™ Process from the top-rated Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching.  She is the author of Your Three-Step Guide to Feeling Great Right Now! 

Jaime teaches Energy Leadership ™, The Essential Elements of a Thriving Family and her original Strategy Smart Plan for confident decision making.  Your work together is designed to increase your personal awareness, sense of value, leverage your strengths and boost your confidence and self-control in all you do. All of this only works if you are aware of the what holds you back and keeps you in your current situation, so you’ll work together to uncover your barriers to success and set accountability structures that keep you committed to the leadership style that you most want while strengthening your commitment to your goals. 

In her work with parents and families, you’ll gain clarity of your role, create a personalized parenting style, and share communication and boundary setting techniques that include step-by-step strategies to use in all your conversations that will earn you the respect you deserve so you can be every bit of the parent, colleague, friend, or family member, you need and want to be. 

It is with a willing and open attitude to take a close look at yourself that allows us to really tap into your true capabilities and strengths. It is easy to get caught up in the details and, often, difficult to see yourself in your true light. Having an unbiased, objective, professionally trained partner as your guide can be the “make or break it step” you need to become more confident and in control of your decisions and actions, instead of reacting from a place frustration or disappointment and then regretting it after it’s over. All of this resulting in a disconnect between you and your loved one(s) and a whole lot of shame, guilt and hurt for everyone involved.

Those that have worked with her say that what makes Jaime extraordinary is her intuitive listening and connection, laser focus, supportive, patient, and open-minded spirit, strong attention to detail and exceptional organizational skills, ability to be responsible, results-driven, purposeful, encouraging, and a positive role model and team player. 

She’s been noted as someone who sees other’s gifts that they cannot and has a spiritual view of life that keeps her out of stories and in the journey. Her clients feel very vulnerable with her warm and welcoming style and unique, no-nonsense, humorous demeanor combined with love and pure acceptance. 

So many have felt encouraged and comfortable to be vulnerable with her, resulting in her work with both men, women and children to be very fruitful and forward moving.

Jaime’s experience spans over 20 years of nurturing family, community and professional relationships to support young and old to clear the path to living a better life with a whole lot more happiness and joy. Her life goal is to “hear” people’s hearts smiling!

If you're in a position where you feel frustrated in your life or believe you’re failing and things are not getting better, consider hiring Jaime as your coach mentor.

If this is something you're open to taking a closer look at, set up a time to have a relaxed conversation with Jaime to talk about what’s going on in that you want to change.

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Let’s set up a time to talk.  ~ Jaime