About Jaime

Hi, I’m Jaime.  I’ve chosen to be a proud mother, supportive wife, active community member and rooted in faith.

I decided to become a professional life coach not to instill my philosophies, but rather to help people become master navigators on their own lives. As a Certified Energy Leadership Master Practitioner with special training in the Core Energy Coaching™ Process, I help people to realize all that's getting in their way of taking control of their lives, clarify what's really important to them, set boundaries, improve external and internal communication and create "just right plans" to navigate forward with confidence. 

I know firsthand how easy it is to get overwhelmed and swallowed-up by life’s responsibilities and commitments. The challenges of navigating everyday living and my own expectations of what success looks like doesn't make it easy!

Leading with core values of love, honesty, and respect, my “strategy smart” approach will nurture and guide our discovery process. I want this for you because for me, life is a precious gift with unlimited possibilities, if we choose to embrace it. You have an amazing opportunity to experience great joy, fulfillment, and positive impact in what you do and whom you do it with.

Personally, I compare the transformation process to preparing wholesome meals for my family. After all, we are what we eat right? But what I love more is sharing the interaction I’ve built with my husband and children!

Like a well-prepared meal, people require a great recipe with careful planning and attention to detail. And that means an investment of time, energy, and focus! 

First comes the appetizer to wet the palate; core values and keen self-awareness. Moving on comes the main course where choices take place and experiences come alive. And then the dessert. This is where the memories are created and shared for all time. A great recipe starts with a great chef and that’s you! 

So, my question for you today is what is the legacy you most want?

How does your current situation honor that vision? 

What are you willing to do to have what you really want?

I invite you to my "table" to work through what’s getting in the way of what could be.

With love, 


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