About Jaime

With her contagious optimism and personal approach of love and kindness, Jaime welcomes and accepts all her clients into a safe space to explore, uncover, discover and create what’s possible in their life and gain clarity of what's getting in the way of it all.


By using the Core Energy Process TM, Energy Leadership TM and Thought Mapping, she creates clarity and awareness of the root cause of "why" and works together to create just-right actions plans to help her clients move forward with confidence that include triggers and barriers to success and accountability structures that strengthen commitment to goals.  She teaches her clients her original Strategy Smart plan for confident decision making.

Her belief is that we all have a unique, greatness living inside of us waiting to be unmasked that brings great joy and fulfillment to ourselves and those we encounter on our journey. It is by taking a close look at what keeps us in repeated patterns and cycles, and having the support and courage to be brave and bold to take off the mask we wear that allows us to step into the path of our own, unique and beautiful light.

What makes Jaime extraordinary is her intuitive listening and connection, laser focus, supportive, patient, and open-minded spirit, strong attention to detail and exceptional organizational skills, ability to be responsible, results-driven, purposeful, encouraging, and a positive role model and team player. She sees other’s gifts that they cannot and has a spiritual view of life that keeps her out of stories and in the journey. Her style is warm and welcoming and very unique in that she has a no-nonsense, humorous demeanor combined with love and pure acceptance that encourages people to feel very comfortable and be vulnerable in her coaching space. As a result, her work with both men and women has been very fruitful and forward moving.

She’s worked to create energetic synchronicity in a small business company culture using Energy Leadership™, provide group coaching using the Core Energy Process™, develop and facilitate The Power of You workshop, and engage in one-on-one coaching in private practice. Her life goal is to “hear” people’s hearts smiling!  She appears weekly on the Thursday Live Show where she shares "how to" tips to navigate life better.

Her experience spans over 20 years of nurturing family, community and professional relationships to support young and old to clear the path to living a better life with a whole lot more happiness and joy.

Jaime is certified as a Professional Life Coach and Energy Leadership Master Practitioner with special training in the Core Energy Coaching™ Process from the top-rated Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching.  Jaime earned her BS in Business Administration from Georgian Court College and is the author of Your Three-Step Guide to Feeling Great Right Now!

If you're in a position where you are frustrated with where you've landed in life and know you need some help, consider hiring Jaime as your coach. 

If this is something you're open to taking a closer look at, let’s set up a time to have a relaxed conversation and decide where to go from there. Go to the "work with me page," complete the form and I will call you to talk.

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